From 'Residency' to 'Raj Bhavan'

The 'Residency' of Mysore State was first established at Mysore in 1799 and later shifted to Bangalore in the year 1804. It was
abolished in the year 1843 only to be revived in 1881 at Bangalore and finally to be closed down in 1947 with the departure of the

The British troops which were first stationed at Srirangapatna after the fall of Tipu Sultan in 1799 were later shifted to the Civil and
Military Station of Bangalore in 1809.

The salubrious climate of Bangalore attracted the ruling class and led to the establishment of the famous Military Cantonment, a
city-state close to the old town of Bangalore. The area became not only a military base for the British but also a settlement for a
large number of Europeans, Anglo-Indians and missionaries.

Did you know?
  • The Civil and Military Station was also a host to Sir Winston Churchill the future British Prime Minister who stayed in Bangalore from 1897 to 1900.

In the year 1947 the Residency ceased to exist. The Constitution of the Republic created the office of the Raj Pramukh and
later that of the Governor. The premises of Residency in Bangalore therefore came to be called 'Raj Bhavan'.

The passage from Residency to Raj Bhavan has been quite long. Many stalwarts, generals and administrators have traversed
this passage during a span of 110 years. It has a glorious history to which the Lalbagh of Srirangapatna, The Yelwala Residency
Building, the Government House at Mysore and the present Raj Bhavan of Bangalore have stood as magnificent testimony.

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