Past Governors

Venkatasubbaiah Pendekanti (26.02.1988 to 05.02.1990)
  • Born 18 June 1921 at Banganapalle (A.P.).
  • Son of P.Subbaiah and Kanakamma.
  • Participated in the Quit India Movement
  • Founded state Congress of Banganapalle
  • Responsible for merger of State with lndian Union, 1948
  • Member of Madras Assembly, 1949-52, Lok Sabha, 1957-77, 78-84
  • Was General Secretary AICC and AICC (0), 1969- 71
  • Minister of State for Home & Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India
  • Governor of Bihar, 1985-88
  • Governor of Karnataka,1988
  • President of Co-operation Rural Bank, Sanjamala(Kumool Dist), Co-operation Land mortgage Bank, Banganapalle,
    Co-operation Society, Nandyal Co-operation Sugar Factory Co-operation Urban Bank, Banganapalle
  • Publisher: 'Our Constitution' (in Telegu)


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